Member of the Institute

Parameswaran Nair

Department of Medicine, Division of Respirology
St. Joseph's Healthcare, T-2122
905-525-9140 x34934

Collaboration with the BioInterfaces Institute: My Airway Inflammometry Laboratory at the Firestone Institute of Respiratory Health at St Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton (supported by CFI and Canada Research Chair Program) has been collaborating for the past 2 years with the BioInterfaces Institute to develop point of care tests to identify and quantify the type of bronchitis. This collaboration has been successful in attracting peer-reviewed funding. Our research is supported by a tri-council Collaborative Health Research Program Grant and a Grand Challenges Canada Stars in Global Health Grant. We have broad support from the AllerGen National Centre of Excellence and our industry partner, ProLab Diagnostics. We are working towards developing a bioactive paper to accurately quantify eosinophil and neutrophil activity in sputum and other biological fluids.

Funding & Support
CFI Ontario

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