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John Valliant

CEO, Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization (CPDC)
905-525-9140 x20182

Our research at McMaster University is focused on development of radiolabelled, ultrasound, and fluorescence molecular imaging probes, for use in medical imaging. We develop both small molecule and large biomolecule agents that target radionuclides, novel fluorescent compounds and microbubbles to tumors or metabolically active tissues, providing medical or research applications by PET, SPECT and ultrasound technologies. The development and translation of these agents benefits from several of the advanced instrumentation and specialized services of the Biointerfaces Institute, including bright-field and fluorescence microscopy, and the MALDI and small compound mass spectroscopy. As our work progresses we expect expanded use of BI facilities including Chemidoc Imaging. The Valliant Research Group ( offers collaborative expertise and technical resource in radionuclide chemistry for development of radiolabelled probes, used in both biological and biomedical research to members and users of the BI.

Funding & Support
CFI Ontario

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