Co-Branding With McMaster

The Biointerfaces Institute brand is a co-brand with McMaster University. Therefore, you must always include a McMaster logo on items that include the Biointerfaces Logo. McMaster Logos are available here.

Slide Templates

These templates provide Biointerfaces Institute branded title, content and closing slides. The content is meant as placeholder only.

PowerPoint Template (Arial Font)
This is the safest template to use, especially if you may show the presentation on a computer other than your own.
PowerPoint Template (Univers Font)
This template requires the Universe LI 47 Condensed Light font to be installed on your system. If you open this on a comptuer without that font, the slide spacing will not be correct.

Logo Download

Which logo do I need?

If you are preparing a document for printing (e.g. a poster), use the Printing Version; otherwise, use the Online version. EPS and PDF versions are vector graphics that will give the highest possible reproduction of the image. PNG is recommended over JPG for most online and computer screen based applications.

Never print using the Online version as the colours will not print correctly.

Preview Printing Online
Colour Preview
Black Preview
White Preview
Background is not black in downloaded files.
Maroon Preview
Only used for very special circumstances.
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