Cell Counter - Countess Automated Cell Counter (Invitrogen)
Cell Counter - Countess Automated Cell Counter (Invitrogen)


  • The Invitrogen Countess Cell Counter easily counts live and dead cells accurately and fast - displaying visual results in 30 seconds! The instrument uses Trypan blue staining with image analysis software to provide cell density and viability data for 5-60 um cell populations between 104-107 cells/mL. The unit also houses a dilution calculator to assist with sub-culturing. Instrument consumables may be purchased from the BI.

Instrument Uses

  • Cell counting
  • Particle counting


  • Count chambers, disposable consumable
  • Trypan Blue
  • Users require a minimum of BSL-2 training to enter culturing labs - See the BI Access & Training page for more information.
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