• Cell disruption uses high, constant pressures to compress cell samples, and accelerate them through a small fixed orifice at high velocity, in order to selectively break the cell wall and expose intracellular components. The bench-top TS-2 0.75kW model from Constant Systems is capable of pressures up to 40 kpsi resulting in approximately 10 mL stroke capacity with a 40 mL/min maximum flowrate. The disruption chamber is cooled with an external chiller (set to 4oC) to maintain sample integrity. The continuous sample run mode and electronic touch screen user interface allow for fast and easy sample disruption. Appropriate cell concentrations are recommended (eg. 25 g/L cell dry weight or 250 g/L cell wet weight).

Instrument Uses

  • Cell disruption of BSL-1 material only


  • McMaster Biosafety Training - See the BI Access &Training page for more information.
  • McMaster Biosafety Office approval of biological work is required
  • Biointerfaces Institute internal approval of biological work is required
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