• The FACS Aria III features a patented flow cell with a gel-coupled cuvette in fixed alignment with the laser(s), and the highly efficient patented octagon and trigon filter detection systems. The fluidics and optical systems are integrated for superior signal sensitivity and resolution. Three nozzle sizes (70, 85 and 100 µm) allow flexibility in particle size sorting. Three lasers are available for use with standard fluorophores: 405 nm (violet, DAPI), 488 nm (blue, PerCP or FITC) and 633 nm (red, APC). BD FACSDiva™ software controls setup, data acquisition and data analysis.

Instrument Uses

  • Flow Cytometry
  • Cell Sorting
  • High-Throughput samples


  • Cell populations of varying sizes or tagged with fluorophores
  • Users require a minimum of BSL-2 training to enter culturing labs
  • This instrument requires prior set-up by a BI Technician
Funding & Support
CFI Ontario

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