• The Sub-cell and Mini Sub-cell GT electrophoresis Systems (Biorad) separate nucleic acids, using submerged agarose gels, from 20 base pairs to 20 kilobase pairs in length.
  • The Mini Protean Tetra Cell (Biorad) runs up to 4 mini protein gels for fast and accurate protein separation. Gels can be used with the Biorad Trans-blot Turbo system.
  • The Adjustable Slab Gel Systems (C.B.S. Scientific) are designed for separating and characterizing protein and short nucleic acid sequencing runs using acrylamide gels. The BI has three single and three dual systems, for running gels from 145 mm to 400 mm.
  • Note: The BI has a gel imaging system: a Biorad Chemidoc MP.

Instrument Uses

  • Nucleic acid gels, protein gels, and blots


  • Gel and buffer materials, standards, blotting materials
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