• The Thermo Scientific Sorvall WX90 Ultracentrifuge offers quiet, safe and powerful separation, with high speeds up to 90,000 rpm (692,000 x g). Touch screen and keypad control for programing of speed (RPM or RCF mode), time and temperature (0-40oC), in addition to detailed program scheduling.
Rotor Type Rotor Model Rotor Capacity RPM RCF Rotor Sheet
Fixed Angle Fiberlite F50L-24x1.5 24 x 1.5mL 50,000 280,000 Info Sheet
Fixed Angle Fiberlite F50L-8x39 8 x 39mL 50,000 266,280 Info Sheet
Fixed Angle Fiberlite F37L-8x100 8 x 100 ml 37,000 182,460 Info Sheet
Swinging Bucket SureSpin 360-17 6 x 17mL 30,000 166,880 Info Sheet

*Max. Speed corresponds to the maximum speed of the rotor when run with tubes filled with homogeneous solutions having an average density of 1.2 g/mL or less.

Instrument Uses

  • Separation
  • Purification


  • Centrifuge tubes able to handle high speeds (Polyallomer tubes are available for rent)
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