Infraction Policies

While working within the BI, users must adhere to BI policies and SOPs. Failure to comply with BI polices and SOPs will result in infraction notification(s). Infraction notification(s) may be communicated to the BI user verbally, via email or through the BI Infraction Notification Form, depending on the seriousness of the infraction. The BI user’s supervisor may also be notified, in addition to the BI Director/Co-Director and all BI staff members.

After multiple or repeated infractions and/or in severe cases, the BI user may be suspended from BI facilities and/or equipment, for a time period determined by the BI, or indefinitely.

Following infractions, disciplinary action(s) may be required, and may include completing relevant BI training module(s) or reviewing policies or SOPs anew; such actions are at the discretion of the BI.

To avoid infraction(s), users should consult BI policies and/or BI staff as needed.

Refer to the BI Infraction Policy.

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