Lab Waste

Hazardous substances do NOT go down the drain or into general waste, and must be disposed of as hazardous waste. Separate hazardous waste according to type (e.g. liquid or solid) and/or compatibility. Review SDS to ensure proper disposal.

Biological waste should NOT be disposed into regular or hazardous waste, and sorted according to the waste type (e.g. solid, liquid, etc.).

Broken glass is considered a sharp but may be disposed of as either clean (uncontaminated) glass waste, hazardous glass waste or biohazardous glass waste. The disposal route depends on associated hazards.

You are responsible for disposing of your waste appropriately. Any questions? Consult BI staff!

Refer to the BI Waste Disposal Policy – General and Hazardous Waste and the BI Waste Disposal Policy – Biohazardous, as necessary.

Please review the flow chart below to ensure you are comfortable disposing of all types of waste.

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