PPE Requirements

Entry into the BI Laboratories requires

- (1) Long pants: no shorts, skirts or dresses; avoid nylons.
- (2) Shoes: closed-toed/heeled and should be sensible.
- (3) Long hair must be secured back.
- Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): (4) knee-length lab-coat, (5) protective eyewear and (6) gloves (when handling hazardous/biohazardous material).

No pants no shoes no science!

No pants, no shoes - no science!

- Loose clothing or accessories that could be caught in equipment.
- Contact lenses are discouraged.
- Wearing gloves on common surfaces, such as door handles and computer keyboards.


Locker storage for personal belongings and outside clothing is available outside the main lab area.

Refer to the BI PPE Policy and this video:

Users may have their own laboratory coat, or may share a laboratory coat within a research group. The BI recommends having personal lab coats when handling biological agents. Lab coat hooks within BI laboratories are assigned to BI users. Lab coats must be kept hung one coat per hook.

Your supervisor should provide you with the PPE required for your work.

Note: If BI equipment requires additional PPE, it will be explained during on-site equipment training, and may be provided.

Visitor PPE may be available upon request. Ask BI staff in advance.

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