User Responsibility & Information

BI Users will adhere to all McMaster University policies, especially WHMIS, Biosafety Level 1, and other applicable safety regulations, in addition to BI SOPs and policies.

It is the responsibility of the user not to use any BI equipment without proper training. Access to BI laboratories WILL BE SUSPENDED if equipment is used without training. If a user demonstrates incorrect usage of the instrument or needs constant assistance following training, retraining may be required. Equipment training and re-training are subject to training fees.

Users are accountable for all activity while working at the BI; any damage to instrumentation will be charged to the user's supervisor. It is also the responsibility of the user to report any broken or malfunctioning instrumentation or safety equipment to BI staff promptly.

By completing and submitting the BI Orientation Quiz, the user agrees to follow and accept BI Policies and SOPs. The user is aware of his or her responsibilities in the BI facility, and the user may be suspended from the BI for infractions.
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