Visitors are individuals who wish to access the BI laboratories without required safety training. This includes tour groups. Tours of BI facilities require the prior approval of BI staff. Unapproved tours may not be granted access to the BI laboratories. Visitors and tour groups should be limited to BI regular working hours.

To enter BI laboratories, visitors and tour groups must fill out the "Visitor's Log", located in the BI administration offices (ETB 416), and be escorted at all times by authorized BI users and/or BI staff.

Visitors are NOT permitted to perform work in the BI or use BI equipment.

Visitor and tour access should be limited to BSL-1 laboratories.

Entry into BSL-2 laboratories is NOT permitted unless approved by BI staff and if accompanied by authorized BSL-2 personnel, while no BSL-2 work is occurring. The "Visitor's Log" must indicate BSL-2 lab entry (ETB 420 and/or 425).

Refer to the BI Visitor Policy.

Do you have incomplete training? If yes, YOU are a visitor!

Are you showing your area or experiment to lab colleague(s) and/or supervisor? Do they have BI training? If no, then sign them in as a visitor!

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