Laboratory Access

Independent access to BI laboratories is restricted to authorized personnel, also referred to as BI users. To become an authorized BI user, you must have the required McMaster safety training, permission from your supervisor and BI staff approval.

Entrance to certain labs and usage of some equipment may require additional McMaster training. Usage of BI equipment requires on-site training with BI staff. Refer to the BI Training Policy.

Authorized BI users are given BI laboratory access during regular working hours, weekdays 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. BI access is primarily controlled through electronic card key entry, facilitated by BI staff.

BI administration and offices are accessible during regular working hours and BI staff is available to offer assistance, unless special circumstances arise. Refer to the BI Training Policy..

After-hours access to BI laboratories may be granted following the completion and approval of the BI Working Alone – After Hours – Risk Assessment Form.

Undergraduate students or individuals without "after-hours" authorization are NOT permitted to work in BI laboratories "after-hours", unless escorted at all times by an individual who is authorized for BI after-hours access and who is familiar with associated hazards. Equipment usage may also be restricted. Refer to the BI Working Alone Policy - After-Hours

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Working outside of "After-hours", during extended working hours, or on holidays is NOT permitted on a regular basis.

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