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To become a “BI User”, or authorized personnel, and obtain independent electronic card access to the BI CL-1 areas, during “Regular Working Hours”, individuals must complete “BI-Specific Safety Training”, which includes:

  • Certain McMaster Safety Training modules: Required McMaster safety training modules are defined in the BI Training Matrix. Minimum training requirements for CL-1 lab access are defined, as are other requirements, which depend on the individual’s work (e.g. biohazardous), access needs (e.g. entering CL-2 lab) or equipment usage (e.g. autoclave usage).
  • BI General Training (this training module): Individuals must read through the BI General Safety Training module and referenced policies, and then complete an online form and quiz. Users must achieve 100% on the quiz and attach a Mosaic training record for a successful quiz submission.
  • BI Training Form: Requires user affirmations and supervisor approval to use the BI facility. Following submission, it must be approved by BI staff.

Safety training expires routinely. Expired or incomplete training may halt access. It is the user’s responsibility to monitor their training, update training as needed, and forward new training records to the BI.

It is the BI User’s responsibility to ensure their safety training is up-to-date!


The BI-Specific Safety Training requirements are not exclusive, as workers may need additional McMaster safety training, depending on their work. Users must be trained by their Supervisors on the risks and hazards associated with their work and review tasks, hazards and complete associated training requirements and SOPs with their supervisor before starting work.

It is the BI User’s supervisor’s responsibility to ensure
the necessary safety training has been completed for their work.


To obtain independent access to BI CL-2 labs, BI Users must have additional McMaster Safety training, biosafety permission via their supervisor and the McMaster Biosafety Office and complete an on-site orientation with BI staff to review relevant biological BI policies.

To use BI equipment, BI Users must be trained on-site by BI staff. Equipment training requires supervisor approval. BI Users are not permitted to train others on BI equipment. Upon completing equipment training with BI staff, BI Users may be required to read and sign-off on applicable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), as maintained by BI staff. If a user demonstrates incorrect usage of the instrument or needs constant assistance following training, retraining may be required. Equipment training and re-training are subject to training fees.

Refer to the BI Training Policy.