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AKTA Avant 150 Liquid Chromatography System

Biological Preparation - Containment Level 1


The ÄKTA Avant 150 (GE Healthcare; now Cytiva) is a preparative fast pressure liquid chromatography system designed for the development of scalable protein purification methods, as well as fine tuning of a purification method.

Purification may be via gel filtration, affinity, and ion exchange, with sample detection via UV/Vis absorbance (up to three wavelengths), conductivity and pH monitors.

It houses an injection port and sample pump to accommodate sample loading of various volumes. Product integrity may be maintained with the internal temperature-controlled fraction collector, which allows fixed volume and peak fractionation.

This system is operated by Unicorn™ control software.

Instrument Uses

  • Compound Separation
  • Protein Purification


  • Liquids


  • Chromatography Column(s)
  • Solutions 0.2 um filtered and degassed
  • This instrument requires prior set-up by a BI Technician