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Contact Angle Instrument

Surface Characterization; Containment Level 1


The Optical Contact Angle (OCA 35) instrument is a device for measuring hydrophobicity – the contact angle – of a surface. This instrument allows for automatic measurements, images and videos of wetting behavior (e.g. advancing and receding contact angle), as well as a series of system analysis and tests (e.g. surface tension). This automated instrument reduces subjective factors (like human error) often seen with traditional manual contact angle instruments. Measurement time is also reduced with an automated stage and droplet system, allowing for a higher through-put. Analysis is facilitated by SCA software.

Contact Angle Instrument
Contact Angle Instrument

Instrument Uses

  • Measure a material’s contact angle
  • Correlate measurements to a material’s surface tension


  • Best with clean, even surfaces
  • Often used with water, but other solutions may be compatible

Information Box Group

OCA35 Brochure OCA35 Brochure

The Dataphysics brochure for the OCA35 Contact Angle Instrument