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pH and Conductivity Measurements

Biosafety Level 1 - Biological Preparation


  • Two Five-Easy-Plus (FEP20) and two Five-Go (FG2) pH meters offer easy 3-point or 2-point calibration, respectively, with pre-set buffer settings. Fast and accurate measurements are possible with the automatic end-point determination feature. All units installed with the Lab pH electrode LE438 (Mettler Toledo; range 0-14 pH).
  • The Seven Excellence S470 meter contains pH and conductivity modules, with intelligent sensor management (ISM), to detect sensors automatically and recall saved calibration data. With the easy-to-move U-Place ergonomic probe arm, measure up to 3 parameters simultaneously for increased efficiency with constant temperature. The large clear colour display and touch screen allows for fast and easy operation of pre-defined or user-defined calibration settings (up to 5-point calibrations), user-defined end-point measurement settings, and user-defined methods. Available sensors include and InLab Expert Pro-ISM (range 1-14 pH) for pH measurements, and InLab 731-ISM probe for conductivity measurements (range 0.01 – 1000 mS/cm).
  • Additional sensors include the InLab Ultra-micro pH meter (Mettler Toledo; range 1-11 pH) for solution volumes down to 15 μL (minimum immersion depth 5 mm) and the InLab Expert Pro pH meter (range 0-14 pH).

Instrument Uses

  • pH Measurements
  • Micro pH measurements
  • Conductivity measurements


  • None