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Acoustophoresis Zeta Potential Analyzer

Biosafety Level 1 - Surface Characterization


The ZetaProbe determines zeta potential the electrokinetic sonic amplitude (ESA) effect. Samples are placed in a cell containing two electrodes and the electric field (of the order 100 volt/cm) is applied at a very high frequency. The sound wave generated from the colloidal suspension is detected. The ZetaProbe also features a built-in titration apparatus. The automatic titration offers unattended rapid isoelectric point determination, as well as optimum dispersant or flocculant level control.

Instrument Uses

  • Measure Electrokinetic Potential
  • Measure Isoelectric Point
  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • Dynamic Mobility


  • Concentrated emulsions and suspensions


  • Min concentration 0.5% wt/vol
  • Must be a 5% density difference between particles and liquid