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Autoclaves (Tuttnauer)

Biological Preparation


  • Two automatic autoclaves for sterilization of equipment and media have four pre-set cycles for wrapped, unwrapped, glassware (e.g. liquids) and accessories (dry only cycle), which vary according to sterilization temperature, sterilization time, pressure exhaust and drying time.
  • The Tuttnauer Model 3850E autoclave has a large inner chamber (64 liters), can be operated with any of its two shelves (shelf sizes WxHxD: 495 mm x 25 mm x 286mm & 495 mm x 25 mm x 350 mm), and can accommodate up various tools, flasks, and media bottles (e.g. 4 x 2L bottles in one cycle).
  • The Tuttnauer Model 2540E autoclave has a small inner chamber (23 liters), can be operated with any of its 4 shelves (shelf size WxHxD: 168 mm x 20 mm x 414 mm), and can accommodate tools, flasks, and bottles (250mL bottles).
Tuttnauer 2540E Manuals | ManualsLib

Instrument Uses

  • Instrument Sterilization
  • Liquid or Media Sterilization (Note: Autoclaves cannot be used for decontamination)


  • Usage requires completion of McMaster Autoclave Training – See the BI Access & Training page for more information