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Autoclaves (Tuttnauer)

Biosafety Level 1 - Biological Preparation


  • Two automatic autoclaves for sterilization of equipment and media.
  • The benchtop autoclave (Model 3850E) has pre-set cycles for wrapped, unwrapped, glassware (e.g liquids) and accessories (dry only cycle), which vary according to sterilization temperature, sterilization time, pressure exhaust and drying time. The large inner chamber may sterilize up to four 2L bottles in one cycle.
  • The top-loading vertical autoclave (Model 3870ELV) has four programs for unwrapped instruments, unwrapped delicate instruments, liquids and liquids with cooling which vary according to sterilization temperature and time. The unit is equipped with two temperature probes, and an external printer for cycle monitoring. With two stacking perforated baskets, the upright autoclave may sterilize six 2L bottles at one time.
  • Note: Autoclaves cannot be used for decontamination.

Instrument Uses

  • Instrument Sterilization
  • Liquid or Media Sterilization


  • McMaster Autoclave Training is recommended – See the BI Access & Training page for more information.