Surface Characterization

The Biointerfaces Institute houses a state-of-the-art surface characterization facility featuring an Imaging and Scanning X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer Microprobe (PHI Quantera II) which allows for large and small area spectroscopy as well as high-throughput XPS on microarrays. Additionally, the facility houses a Vertex 70 FTIR Spectrometer with a Bruker Hyperion 3000 Infrared Microscope capable of performing point imaging as well as small area imaging, an Imaging Ellipsometer (Accurion), an Imaging Surface Plasmon Resonance instrument (Horiba) which allows for high-throughput data collection and analysis, a high speed Contact Angle instrument, and a Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation (Biolin Scientific) for studying molecular interactions and surface phenomena.

We also maintain a range of Zeta Potential and Particle Sizing Instruments: a ZetaProbe (Malvern) that uses NIBS technology with Dynamic Light Scattering, a Flow Path Imaging Analyzer (Malvern) for particle size and shape analysis, and a Focused Beam Reflective Measurer (Mettler Toledo) for cord length and kinetics of flocculation.


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